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1.    Change the plan on the paper is cheaper than on the job.
2.    Replace the old plumbing not repair.
3.    Replace the old junction box and wiring not repair.
4.    Never use recycling carpet for bedrooms.
5.    Do not use wood flooring anywhere close to the water.
7.    Use real wood cabinets.
8.    Use Strong quiet vents for the bathrooms.
9.    Use solar tubes for dark areas
10.  Open Kitchen, Island, Dining Room, Living Room
11.  Rope lights can be used in bedrooms instead of ceiling lights.
12.  Remote controlled bed rooms fans and lights.
13.  Use more showers than bath tubs.
14.  Build sitting area and wall shampoo places in the showers.
15.  Shower wall smooth and rough floor.
16.  Do not plant in the yard close to the walls without plastic root barrier.
17.  Do everything by city code.
18.  Good communication Between Architect and General Contractor.
19.  Pay only for the part of the job that is done.
20.  Always Use Licensed, Insured Contractors.
21.  Check Contractors license by or call 800-321-2752
22.  Sign the contract with contractor after having Approved plan by HOA and City.



  1. Only take construction jobs you know how to do.
  2. Pay attention to your gut instincts.
  1. Start with a clear understanding of the project.
  2. Clear understanding about details.
  3. Don’t work with customer cannot communicate with.
  4. Spend time talking to the customer and going over all the details of the job
  5. Don't avoid conversations about potential problems.
  6. Some jobs are better left for your competitors.
  7. It will cost you less money in the long run if you talk about the probloms up front.
  8. Think twice before doing work for friends and family
  9. Use a written contractor’s contract.
  10. Get everything in writing!
  11. Any drawings and specs must be signed by customers.
  12. Be sure an attorney reviews any contract form.
  13. Use written change orders signed by both sides.
  14. Keep a job journal daily conversation
  15. Talk to your customers throughout the project.
  16. Maintain good communications.
  17. Return customers phone calls.
  18. Do what you agree to do
  19. Make sure you add a profit into your contract
  20. Stay the good sub-contractors.
  21. Do the work only after the permit has been issued.
  22. use materials meet current code.
  23. Follow the manufacturer's instructions
  24.  Walk through the final product and do a signed punch list.
  25. Ask husband and wife both attend the walk-through.
  26. If you made a mistake, admit it
  27. Respond to all complaints.
  28. Anybody may make mistake.
  29. Offer compensation or repairs.
  30. Get a complete meeting of the minds
  31. Take out building permits in a timely manner.
  32.  Good contractors will see things a customer doesn't see